The role and its existence of Japanese proofreaders

The role and its existence of Japanese proofreaders

Hello everyone!

This time, I would like to introduce Japanese proofreaders.

Since it gets complicated if the explanation part includes some other roles except for proofreading, we would like to simply go through the perspective of clients, proofreaders, and readers.

The flow of delivering information


Proofreaders have two roles.

1.Making the information that clients would like to provide easier to understand (clients’ view)
2.Letting it smooth to deliver the information (readers’ view)

The next section will explain includes clients’ and readers’ views.

1:The role of proofreaders from clients’ view

[1]  Making the information that clients would like to provide easier to understand

Clients provide the sentence below.


If readers read this sentence, they understand that the weight of the new product of 3 kg but that's it.
Therefore, proofreaders must convert their sentences to inform readers easier to understand.

In the case of the sentence above, it is easier to understand if we make the comparative object clearer.



[2]   In case something is a mistake with fact relationship


If there is wrong information such as the actual weight of the new product is 3kg but written 2kg, it cannot be a small mistake anymore.

Readers might suspect like…
“They wrote wrong information on purpose”
“I wonder if they tried to make customers buy the product with wrong information.”
“There might be some other wrong information”
As a result, customers might have un-trust feelings.

Even if it is one small mistake, it can ruin the trustworthiness of sentences themselves.
Thus, making sure the accuracy of the information in sentences is an important role for proofreaders.

[3]  In case there are spelling mistakes





If there are spelling mistakes, it might cause misunderstanding or make it difficult to figure out. Also, readers cannot focus on information of the main contents since readers’ consciousness goes to some parts that contain mistakes.

[4]   In case the structure of paragraphs is unnatural


Readers who see this sentence might have questions like…
“Why does it bold partially?”
“Do words written in bold have some meanings?”

Like the previous case, this unnatural structure makes readers come up with questions meaninglessly. In the end, the information that clients would like to say to readers cannot be provided smoothly.

There are multiple numbers of elements that disturb communication between clients and readers. Removing these factors is one of those roles of proofreaders.

2:The role of proofreaders from readers’ view

On the other hand, proofreaders have to be on readers’ side as well. This is the second role that I have told you about in the beginning.

For example, proofreaders are expected to point out some difficult words or idioms in sentences and convert them into easier expressions.

Besides, terminologies need supplement explanation if the readers are not in the specific industry.

Even if the publisher contains clients’ intentions accurately, it does not make sense if the readers do not have a basic understanding. It also means readers do not comprehend information as the client is supposed to.

Conclusion – What is the existence of proofreaders

Proofreaders are the communication hub between clients and readers. Thus, they always have to keep both clients’ and readers’ views.

Accordingly, we can say proofreaders are “Writing professionals who are in charge of adjusting details of senders and receivers side.”

However, it is not always possible to act as we intention because the range of their work is depended on their environment when it comes to proofreaders.

That’s all this time. Hope to see you next time soon!